Supply & Installation of EV Chargers.

The OLEV grant allows for a contribution of up to 75% of the installation costs. Learn more.

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With the number of electric cars on our roads increasing, so is the demand for EV Charger infrastructure. South East Charging are proud to be approved installers of numerous EV Charger manufactures.

The benefits of installing an EV Charger

There are numerous benefits that EV Chargers bring, with both businesses and domestic installations. The benefits of EV Chargers include the following:

Help the environment by improving air quality

Cheaper running costs for owners

EV Chargers are easy to install

EV Chargers are low maintenance

What is the OLEV grant?

To encourage the adoption of electric cars the government has introduced a grant for EV Chargers, provided by the Office For Low Emission Vehicles. The OLEV grant is also known as the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

For commercial EV Chargers the grant allows for a contribution of up to the cost of £300 per charge point for up to a maximum of 20.

For domestic EV Chargers the grant allows for a contribution of up to 75% of the installation costs, up to the cost of £500 for a single point. You are able to claim the grant, for an EV Charger, for each eligible vehicle and up to two charge points per household. The OLEV grant is available for most electric and plugin hybrid cars. You can see the full list of eligible vehicles here.

To be eligible for the OLEV grant, for an EV charger, you must meet the following criteria:
• The EV charge point must be installed by an OLEV approved installer
• Your vehicle must be eligible under the scheme (check here)
• You must be the registered owner or leaseholder of an electric vehicle
• You must have off street parking
• The EV charger must be placed in reasonable distance (approx. 10m) of the electricity distribution board

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I wasn’t sure how any of this works but South-East Charging made everything so simple and straight forward. I highly recommend them.

Sophia Riley – Domestic installation